Forearm strain, recovery & prevention

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    Jun 05, 2009 2:27 AM GMT
    Hey guys,

    I recently started wretling and really enjoy it.

    I recovered from a right shoulder strain (unrelated to wrestling) and started wrestling again and then after my last wrestling session, the next day my right forearm hurt like a Migraine in my arm.

    I went to the ER and have been diagnosed with severe muscle strain. It's so painful, but with Ibuprophen and pain meds seems to be feeling a little better.

    I am sure that part of my problem was the lack of training/use with my right arm while recovering from the shoulder... thus why the right arm is killing me while the left is fine.

    Are there any tips to both help recover faster, AND to better train my right forearms so that I can keep wrestling and not go through this again?

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    Jun 05, 2009 11:10 AM GMT
    You need to describe the pain before anyone might be able to give you advice.

    Where is the pain located .. near the wrist, near the elbow or in between.
    If near the elbow, is the pain on the inner or outer side.. or is the pain over the flexion surface or crazy bone (olecranon process).

    Is the pain worse at night
    Are the soft tissues painful to touch
    Any bruising or swelling visible
    Any muscle weakness
    Any particular activity make the pain worse

    Some of the more common causes of forearm pain are: muscle strain, muscle contusion, tendinitis, over use syndrome, muscle imbalance, nerve pain radiating from an injury to the neck or shoulder and even a small fracture. There are more causes.

    Could the forearm pain be part of the shoulder injury and not caused by lack of training?
    Emergeny Rooms will usually refer you to a physician for followup of an injury. Do you have a followup appointment so the forearm problem can be evaluated by a professional? If not, you should.
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    Jun 09, 2009 6:16 AM GMT
    Hey Kneedragon, thanks for responding!

    The "migraine in my arm" really was the BEST description of the pain. I know that sounds strange, but like a migrain, the pain kept moving (as in I could be perfectly still and feel the pain move from the inside of my forearm, up passed the elbow and into my tricep and then back, or down into my palm).

    So because I'm not a doctor and don't know the correct anatomical terms... extend your right arm out, turn your wrist up so your palm is facing the ceiling.

    The majority of the pain resided in the mass of muscle on the left (or inside) part of my forearm from just below the elbow to the center of the forearm. The secondary location for pain sat just in my tricep just above the elbow on the back of my arm. The pain would from time to time radiate down the middle of my forearm and into the palm of my hand, or up the inside of my upper arm into my armpit. Occassionally there would be pain in the top, outside or right portion of the forearm as well... usually like a cramp when everything else was hurting all at once.

    At the ER, the doctor ruled out nerve damage as my strength (squeezing his hands, pushing up or down, side to side, etc) was equal between both arms. AND because I had NO pain anywhere else, neck, back, shoulder, etc. In FACT... at this time my shoulder feels better than it has in MONTHS.

    I DID follow up with my primary care doctor, and by the time I saw him (36 hours later) I barely had any pain and was feeling like I completely over reacted. But he examined my arm, performed many of the same checks as the ER and affirmed their diagnosis.

    The good news is that now, I feel back to normal.

    One kind of odd thing about me physically... I don't have a noticable "wrist bone"... or end of the bone that runs down the outside of your forearm. The end of that bone sticks out in most people, like a big bump on the outside of the wrist. For me, you can barely even feel it. Incidentally, that bone is more pronounced on my LEFT arm, where I can actually find it... I can't find it at all on my right. On that same note... my flexibility in my wrists is not as high as most people I know. I have never been able to do a curl with a straight bar... my wrists don't bend correctly for me to be able to hold the bar and pull it up completely. To complete the motion I have to release my grip and turn my thumbs up. Otherwise it seriously feels like my wrists are breaking.