HAH! Oh no you'd didn't just get up in my face, Miss Thing! (or: How my Already Bizarre Evening Nearly Ended with me Having to Smack Down a Guy Outside the Bar)

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    Jun 07, 2009 7:08 AM GMT
    So without delving too much into the funny, weird, kinda hot events of my evening at the bar with my bf and a few friends, here's what happened after last call and everyone moved out to the sidewalk.

    I saw a big chunk of ice, presumably from the ice maker inside, sitting in the street and-- in a very controlled way-- kicked it towards the curb. When it hit a few little bits of ice flew up in the air but no one milling around got hit. But this one guy... ho boy... he gave me a stinkeye and came sashaying over onto the border of my personal space half-shrieking "did you just kick ice at my outfit?" I said "at your outfit? no. no harm done, you look fine and nothing hit you." But he wasn't having any of that. He said "do you know how much this outfit cost?" I said not a clue. So he enumerated: "See these shoes? They were $120! These pants? $80. This shirt? $60. And my sunglasses? Were like three hundred dollars! How much did your outfit cost??"

    So me in my very comfortable $30 (on sale) Converse sneakers, $40 shorts and $25 t-shirt; I said "not nearly as much as yours-- I think you got ripped off." Meanwhile I'm thinking, in addition, "um, you're wearing $300 sunglasses... to a dark bar... at night?" But I didn't say that part because the guy already seemed nearly hysterical and I didn't want to have to defend myself and mess up his overpriced Bootlegger threads, and god knows I'd never live down a reputation for militant-fag-on-frantic-queen-violence.

    Anyway, so he said "Oh, money ain't (surprise, surprise, Ghetto Glamazon uses 'ain't' without so much as a hint of irony) a problem, I got the money to spend!" At which point one of his fag hags stepped up to his side and said "honey, if you got the money and you've got your pride you don't need to talk about how much money you got," which seemed to de-escalate him a little. At the same time one of my friends called me over to where my group had assembled, so the situation ended with both of us just walking away from each other.

    So exciting, though... icon_smile.gif Anyone else have any humourous anecdotes about almost coming to fisticuffs with fellow fags over silly shit? I felt I'd 'apologized' as much as was warranted, considering I maybe startled him a little at worst, but whether it was an over-abundance of pride or some kind of personality disorder he felt the need to get in my face over almost having some small flakes of ice land on his clothes (which he likely got at one of the small-town-cheap-masquerading-as-big-city-stylish stores in the mall, and which apparently can't stand up to a bit of moisture).
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    Jun 07, 2009 7:50 AM GMT
    Several years ago, this guy I was acquainted with was smashed and hitting on me...I was being avoidant and kind of a smartass I guess. At that time, I didn't have the balls to tell someone straightforward that I wasn't interested so I'd beat around the bush out of fear of hurting their feelings. So anywayz my tactics backfired and he picked up a glass and held it in position to bust it over my head. The owner of the bar de-escalated it, and things went harmoniously the rest of the night I guess. Except when we were leaving, he was about to drive home...I kind of did the right thing in the wrong way I guess and manipulated him into letting me take him home so he wouldn't kill anyone (including himself). I walked him up to his doorstep, and when he got the gleam in his eye I was like peace out. Left him on his doorstep with his jaw hanging open literally. It definitely wasn't one of my more shining moments, and probably not his either for that matter. Ah well.
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    Jun 07, 2009 6:30 PM GMT
    ghetto queen, not really worth a thread is it? Im sure more than a few of us have laughed at this (young) man trying sound like a big deal by listing the value of his outfit, much like dick size, he prolly added 30% to make it even more impressive...pathetic.