After a big weekend, of physical and social activities, lots of family around, etc, everything and everyone is gone now. The kids are out of school and have gone to stay with their mom for several weeks and my sister has gone with my mom and step-dad back to Georgia for about 3 weeks (I was against this, as she is still recovering from her ECT and psychiatric issues...but she went mom and step-dad don't understand what they just got into!) The house is quiet and dark now and it is raining outside. The dog, cat and I are all just kind of siting around wondering what happened and whats going on? Very strange to go from a packed and chaotic house to utter quiet and solitude. The pets are both in my lap as I watch some TV......I don't know what to do or how to unwind....bed?, the gym and work tomorrow, but no kids, no sister, no doctors, etc......just me and the am out of practice, how do you handle this quiet and solitude and not just wait for the other shoe to drop or chaos to break loose at any given moment.....icon_eek.gif