From USA Today

Chad Ochocinco says he has reached out to Bengals QB Carson Palmer. And, according to the receiver, the pair is back on track to a successful year in Cincinnati.

Ochocinco has skipped the Bengals' voluntary workout program. And at one point, Palmer was critical of the receiver's absence (notable for the second year in a row).

"I know people are trying to say we're mad at each other and all that, but we're good," Ochocinco told "We're like Brokeback Mountain. I'm going to be with Carson so much in July that I'm going to be the nanny (for his new twins).

"I'm going to babysit. We were getting down to the details. If he and the wife go out, they have to be back by three. I asked for permission to have company over."

Ochocinco plans on attending the team's mandatory minicamp later this month. And he said he'll work directly with Palmer in July to try to get in rhythm before training camp begins.

And Ochocinco wants to repair his relationship with Cincinnati fans, many of whom have become upset with him. He had his worst season since he was a rookie last year, after an offseason in which he pleaded for his exit from the Bengals.

"I need the fans to embrace me," Ochocinco told "I know people are mad at me. I read the message boards, but I've apologized 85 times. If they can embrace me, I can spread my wings and be myself."

Oooookay. That's all they did on Brokeback Mountain.