Last weekend I went to the hunt club for target practice with my two nephews. Being young and somewhat less "exposed" to the world, my youngest nephew had purchased some off-the-wall 10mm ammunition for a Glock 29.

My oldest nephew was blasting away with a S&W 500 and in combination with heavy ear protection no one noticed the youngest nephew had a jam. Suddenly there was a noticeable "wumpf" that caught everyone's attention.

The slide on the Glock had started it's rearward travel and had somehow locked. After getting home and prying apart (it did need prying at this point) the 10mm in the shop and examining the casings we brought back with us, it appears a round was fired that contained no powder. The primer had pushed the bullet down the barrel about three-fourths of the barrels length. When a round was fired after the misfire, it slammed full bore into the previous bellet.

Not that this hasn't happened before and is something the practiced shooter is always aware of if there is a jam, but the Glock was amazing. The force of the trapped round had bulged the barrel so that it locked the slide. It did not burst. I have seen shooters injured from this very thing.

Any of you guys ever had a squib fire in a handgun? If so, what happened?