a father's day parable: a boy and his dad

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    Jun 21, 2009 2:01 PM GMT
    when i was much younger and still attending church on a regular basis; i recall the pastor working this parable into his sermon a couple of times a year:

    once there was a teenaged boy, growing up on the farm. he thought his mother to be ok; but viewed his father in a less than golden light. the boy thought his father to be ignorant, uncooth, behind the times, and overall a clueless clod. the boy resented and seethed under the morality, the rules, the chores, the lifestyle forced down his throat by his father.

    at age 17, the boy graduated high school. thanks to a strong, controlled pitching arm, the boy had several college scolarships offered to him. he chose the college farthest away from home (and his father!), fled the farm and never returned home. somehow summer classes, summer jobs and summer romances were more important to him that spending 3 months on the farm.

    after college graduation, the boy went into the military to avoid returning home to his father. 4 years in the military passed by all to quickly.

    thanks to his fine education, military service and the manners drilled into his head by his mother and father oh so many years ago; the boy landed a good entry level corporate job. he married a cute girl and 2 kids quickly appeared. he moved smoothly up the corporate ladder.

    the boy/man was offered a promotion to middle management. the only catch was that the promotion was in the same town he had fled from some 15 years earlier. of course he took the promotion and hoped for the best.

    at the urgings of his wife and mother, for the benefit of his children, he slowly, begrudgingly started visiting his father. the boy/man and his father remained civil to each other and had short, stilted conversations.

    the boy/man found that he sometimes actually enjoyed the conversations he had with his father. they spoke about money matters, maritial issues, mortgages, life insurance, child raising....adult stuff.

    the boy/man came to an astounding realization one visit. the boy-now a man was shocked to realize that, even though HE was the one with the college degree, the middle management experience and a 401-K, his dull, uncooth, stoooooopid old man had become quite smart all the years he had been gone!


    happy father's day, dad!

    the older i get the smarter you become, i WISH you were still alive so i could tell you this.
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    Jun 21, 2009 2:14 PM GMT
    Thanks for a great story there and good to know and remember. Is the
    "overbearing" guy we see as a youth really that way or is it all perception??

    A great day to remember all our fathers have given to us!

    Happy Father's Day Dad!!! And thanks for more than you realize

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    Jun 21, 2009 3:46 PM GMT
    As I type this, my father is getting drunk and making an ass of himself. Growing up, I resented his alcohol binges. Still do. But sometimes, I get a glimpse of his inner world: under the passive-aggressive, hostile exterior is the soul of a saint, the mind of a genius and the disposition of a very enlightened, contemporary man. He has dealt with his (unthinkably difficult) life with far more grace and strength than many people in his situation would have.

    About ten minutes ago I said to him, ‘Happy Father’s Day, Dad.’

    He snapped, ‘What the hell is that?’

    My sister piped up, ‘It’s that day of the year when we cook the things that no one likes but you.’

    And he understood. icon_rolleyes.gif