[quote][cite]AC360/cite]COOPER: So much sadness today. We're going to have more on Farrah Fawcett later on tonight, Erica, and of course more on our breaking news on the death of Michael Jackson.

Erica, I actually met Michael Jackson when I was a little kid.

HILL: Really.

COOPER: Yes. Actually, when I was 10. For some odd reason I went to Studio 54 with Michael Jackson and a bunch of people. And I -- and I had no idea who he was. And I saw him dance, and I was like, "Oh, that guy's a really good dancer."

HILL: Did you dance?

COOPER: No, I didn't. I didn't dance.

HILL: Even then you wouldn't dance.

COOPER: Even then I wouldn't dance.

HILL: Even with Michael Jackson.

COOPER: Yes, but I remember...

HILL: I suppose Ellen should feel better.

COOPER: Why I was at Studio 54 at age 10 is a whole other story.

HILL: I think it might be.

COOPER: I know child welfare authorities probably want to talk to my mom.

HILL: I'll ask you about that one in the break. [/quote]

Studio 54 at 10? It would explain the prematurely white hair.....