Hey Guys,

I am beginning to get frustrated. I have been trying to go from 145 to about 130lbs, but it's hard! These last few pounds have got me frustrated and confused.

My routine:

I get up Mon-Thurs @ 4am for a round of cardio on the eliptical/bike/tredmil - depending on my mood. Then I will go back again for weight training ( ex: Mon: Chest & Bi, Tues: Back & Tri, Wed: Shoulds & Abs, Thrus: Legs & Abs.) What am I doing wrong? The mass is coming on but the weight shredding is difficult; in other words I want a tight stomach. Within the last two weeks, I recently began taking cycling 3x times a week adding more to my evening workouts. Is this too much, or could it possibly shift me into a new level of getting lean?

Advice please? Anything would help from a simple boring diet to new training techniques.