Sunday , 7-12-2009, I had the distinct pleasure to meet up with and spend the entire day with a fellow RJ member...MuslDrew
I HAD A BLAST WITH HIM! What a total sweetheart of a guy!

We were introduced online via e-amil by a mutual friend. Our mutual friend, Phil, is a SR. V.P. of CHASE Bank, in Columbus. He and Drew were at a brunch being thrown by Stonewall Columbus as a thank you for the volunteer workers at PRIDE this year. Phil and Drew got to talking and Drew gave Phil, who is straight, but NOT narrow, his e-mail and phone #. Phil said "I have a friend you need to meet" and the next day Drew and I got our introductory e-mails from Phil. This was back before the Independece day weekend. I contacted Drew first, by e-mail, and we shot messages back and forth, then we spoke on the phone and decided we need to meet but both of us has plans for the holiday out of town and hectic work schedules that forced us to wait until the 12th, to meet up.
Funny how we only found out that we are both on RJ once we started to talk about best ways to be in figures that the best guys would be on here! When I first saw his pics and profile on RJ, I was a bit intimidated...thinking to myself "he is more muscular than me and better looking than me and...OMG! I am panicking!...." Drew is a gentleman and well he saw my pics and profile and hasn't backed out or cancelled, so he must be OK with me...and I finally calmed down and re composed myself.....LOL!
Drew drove to Columbus from Dayton.....neither of us wanted this to be a "dinner and movie" type of meet up, so I suggested a few changes and we played it by ear.....we did eat some great food over the day...we also got to walk and talk about 4 miles at a park and then went to my gym and did some swimming and "sight seeing", and then caught a late meal, before Drew had to drive back to Dayton....... The morning started with a 930 am phone call to firm up plans a 1230 lunch and ended with a 10pm goodnight! The entire day went way too fast! Only thing is...his pics lie...he is better looking in person and has a great personality! Say hi to Drew, a great guy! icon_cool.gif