So after reading many many forums... its been quite a relief to know others also have the yoyo's/ups & downs of weight. Well I'm beginning to get frustrated and just need some "words of wisdom" to jump start me back into a great routine and diet.

I've have been trying my hardest to get my mid-section down to where its pretty much flat. I started spin 3/4 days in the evening with 1hr of weight training. Is this good? Or should I add going to do more cardio in the AM prior to work?

I am afriad of too much cardio because I do not want to loose muscle mass. I have planned on reducing my calorie intake and up my protien(s), plus eating more veggies (non-starchy).

Do any of you who face this same issue(s) have great suggestion(s)? Are there supplements I should include? Any workout routines? I would love some suggestions... My goal is to start a new routine by this Sunday after looking over everyone's suggestions. icon_eek.gif

Thank you for reading and I look forward to making more friends.... Ohh, and if you live in Vegas, I could use a great workout partner!