Does anyone know of a good, somewhat inexpensive dojo to recommend in NYC?

I've studied up to 1st degree brown belt in Tae Kwon Do, but that was almost eight years ago. I'm really itching to get back into martial arts training, although I think Tae Kwon Do has run its course for me.

I live in Williamsbug, Brooklyn, and can't seem to find a single dojo in my neck of the woods. When I look around in Manhattan, though, it's the opposite. There seems to be a dojo on every corner, and I don't have time to visit every one to see if they're a good school or not.

I'm not quite sure which form I'd like to study next- judo, jujitsu, kung-fu, aikido....ideally I'm looking for something that's a practical form of self-defense rather than a sport, with a nice mix of striking and grappling techniques.

Money and distance are two big factors in this, since I travel only by foot or subway, and I don't make very much money at all.

If you guys could suggest a good, inexpensive dojo- or at least suggest a style to pursue, I'd really appreciate it.