Not From My Cold Dead Hands

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    Jul 28, 2009 6:28 PM GMT
    Charlton Heston muttered those words at a NRA meeting just a few years before his hands became both Cold and Dead

    But the republican party took those words literally and just like Freddie Krueger in all the Nightmare on Elm St Movies when you think we've killed it with the ethics probes and the sex scandals and the war crimes
    and the stealing the country blind to give to the special interests
    the republicans keep coming back from the grave

    We are drowning in debt from our medical bills and insurance costs
    and the numbers keep climbing and climbing
    and in just a few years the medical costs that are already the highest in the world will be Doubled
    When we need a serious rehaul of the healthcare system
    What are the republicans doing?
    Being the henchmen for Big Pharma and the Insurance lobby
    They have singlehandedly mounted the highest number of filibusters in any congress in history
    They have delayed and or blocked every lower court appointment Obama has nominated so far and almost every republican on the Senate Judiciary committee had voted against the Sotomajor nomination citing that she showed signs of judicial activism

    Funny that said that because the most activist judges have turned out to be the most conservative

    But given the trownsing the republicans have gotten in the last few elections and the lack of support in the public you have to ask
    How can one group with so little .... continue to do so much damage?
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    Jul 29, 2009 6:31 PM GMT
    They'll be back. The next worse thing to a Republican is a complicit Democrat. How can a 60-seat majority capitulate so much?
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    Jul 29, 2009 6:35 PM GMT
    Ugh. They're all in the corporate pocket. This health care/insurance reform debacle has clearly demonstrated that. Almost 70% of polled Americans want reforms and a public option and these Congresspeople, Republican and Democrat alike, act like enacting such will be awful and get them voted out. WTF?

    Nutless cowards!
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    Jul 29, 2009 8:02 PM GMT
    THIS IS IMPORTANT! Perhaps you guys should look at what these bills actually say. They give huge benefits to insurance companies and big business. Here's some components of the president's plan:

    - Insurance mandate makes it illegal to not have insurance. So the nearly 50 million without insurance now are forced to buy insurance or pay a fee. This mandate also dictates what the acceptable minimum insurance coverage is, which may force especially young and healthy individuals into paying for coverage they don't want or need. It is actually part of the cost cutting plan to make young and healthy individuals buy into this program, which they won't use, to help lower the premiums for everyone else. Unfortunately, these individuals forced into the program are young and lower or middle class, hurting the people the bill aims to protect.

    - Expanded employer coverage forces employers with as few as 20 employees to offer at least the minimum coverage level to their employees or pay an extra 8% payroll tax. Now payroll and benefits already make up a huge proportion of business overhead, and small businesses with small profit margins are even more effected by the price of labor. Hiking up the cost of hiring employees by forcing businesses to offer expensive health benefits will encourage businesses of all sizes to downsize their workforce to control costs in an already struggling economy. Small businesses will be hurt the most as many do not offer this coverage and are already having trouble staying in the black. This will simply encourage small business closure in favor of huge corporations which can afford massive low-premium plans.

    - Minimum acceptable coverage, which I mentioned before, will be determined by this new bureaucratic board that will be formed (can't remember the name...). Obama claims this bill won't force people out of their current plans, and at first it won't because this stipulation won't take effect immediately. However, eventually it will be required that, to fulfill the mandate and avoid paying the fee, any insurance plan must offer the coverage that this board determines. Anyone with a plan that does not offer all of the mandated coverage, no matter how much the plan works for the individual, will not be seen as coverage. This person then has the choice of abandoning their plan in favor of a more expensive one or paying a fee. These plans will likely become illegal to sell.

    - Cost cutting, this part is extremely vague. Basically Obama says that this bill will slow down the inflation of health care costs, but he doesn't say how. Near as I can tell, there are going to be caps on payments to doctors and hospitals similar to what Medicare and Medicaid does now. This is already forcing doctors to drop patients on government plans because it is simply to difficult to get paid and isn't worth the cost of treatment. Paying doctors less will likely reduce the number of doctors accepting government policies or reduce the number of practicing doctors, which is already dropping. As I said before, in addition to these caps they are relying on payments from healthy young individuals to lower insurance premiums.

    - Deficit neutrality is a big claim of Obama. He says he won't sign any bill that adds to the deficit. However, the Congressional Budget Office already said this bill is unlikely to be deficit neutral and that the savings claims and predictions of lowered healthcare inflation are overoptimistic. To pay for the bill, they claim to be cutting $400 billion in Medicare waste. My question is, if there is that much obvious waste, why didn't they fix it before? Wouldn't that alone have lowered costs? Anyway, there was also a plan to tax the rich, AGAIN, but it looks like the new bipartisan senate bill may eliminate that. There is also a talk of adding a 35% tax to the most expensive insurance plans, however this seems to me like something that would just raise premiums for everyone.

    As for the claims that the bill is being stopped by money from the insurance and pharmaceutical lobbies, you may want to look more closely. Insurance companies are SUPPORTING the bill, even running ad campaigns urging it's passing. Obama has been meeting with corporate lobbyists for weeks now, which was partially what the whole White House guest list issue was all about (that and the coal lobby). These companies are pouring huge amounts of money into this campaign and the pockets of congressmen to get this passed. Why? Because this bill is GOOD for them. It is basically forcing nearly 50 million people to buy their products or face penalties. It is also forcing many people to buy more expensive products from them. There are also massive government subsidies built into the bills which will end up in the pockets of the insurance, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries.

    I agree their needs to be reform, and my idea of reform is very different from liberal ideas, but at least something like free universal healthcare makes sense from a philosophical standpoint if not a practical one. But these bills are doing exactly the OPPOSITE of what liberals claim to want and these bills claim to provide. It puts more power and money in the hands of the corporations, it hurts the young lower and middle classes, it hurts small business, and it will likely destroy jobs! Please, step off the party line for a little bit and actually try to understand this before supporting it. I'm not making this up, all of these stipulations are in the bills and have been discussed by political leaders and demanded by Obama.
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    Jul 29, 2009 8:22 PM GMT

    Read this only if you've been inoculated against Government Bullshit recently.