Where are they now?

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    Jul 28, 2009 10:19 PM GMT
    ok my grandmother officially is the funniest woman ever..... She is 90 years old....and visiting due to hip surgery..bless her heart but i had a great laugh just now. Ok My grandmother was sitting in her chair in the living room downstairs and i came in and turned on the tele to watch some Star trek. (mind you she just did some prescribed Kush). The actor that played La Forge was on and she instantly recognized him. So heres how it went down.

    Gran- didn't they cut off his feet?

    Me- what are you talking about?

    Gran- they had that poor boy in chains and now he in space working on a
    computer. Why he wearing that thing on his eyes....did they blind him too.

    Me- Gran yes he was in Roots but since then hes in Star trek where hes an engineer.

    Gran- aint God good. The boy done learn to read and now in space. (apparently to her he was still Kunta)

    now i couldn't help but laugh.. i thought it was funny as Gran was acting like the character from roots and star trek was real and the same and that somehow the character managed to achieve something monumental. So heres what i want you guys to do. Highlight a path of a actor/character on television as if they were real to see the diff roles they play..or simulate all characters to be one.
    Heres an example on where Kunta is today...

    After being captured--for the 5th time

    Teaching others to read after he gained that freedom

    Cleaning up Earth

    Last seen Exploring Space
    Kunta im proud of you

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    Jul 29, 2009 11:42 AM GMT
    LOL - tell your gmom that he is the oldest American ever! Goes from 19th century to 21st! Loved Kunta in Roots.