So a big problem I have in terms of guys is patience. I guess it is because I have been patient all my life but it never paid off icon_sad.gif For example, if I met a guy that I liked and wanted to get to know him more then I would just take my time. He would seem to be interested in me but after a while I would find out that he now has a boyfriend. I guess it's happened so much that now I tend to go fast and want to make sure that the guy doesn't get picked up so fast. I don't really understand the whole thing. I know "that's life" but obviously I am doing something wrong for guys to be getting bfs so fast after meeting me lol or it's just bad luck and coincidence.

So basically, how fast is too fast (to meet or to become more than friends)? I mean it is relative cuz I think I'm fast but other people are very fast or very slow.