No Place Like a Home

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    Aug 01, 2009 6:45 AM GMT
    I'm trying to help a friend of mine who might be homeless.

    He got into some drama with his roommates and now has nowhere to go. He didn't give me the whole story, but it involves theft of his possessions and when he confronted his now ex-friend they got into a fight which led him to being kicked out. He really has nowhere else to turn too

    He's in Philly of the weekend, but when he comes back to NYC on Monday he might have to go a shelter. Right now I'm trying to find rooms for rent that are cheap, but cheap and New York City don't go that well together. I know he wants a furnished room for about $100 a week. I don't make it a habit to ask friends about how much money they make as I find that to be a private manner; but I know how can I let him know that he'll have to go above his means, in a tactful manner, if he wants to have four walls before Monday.

    I don't mind helping him to find something, but I'll feel like a bad friend if the worse happens.
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    Aug 01, 2009 5:35 PM GMT
    If he is paying rent at the place he was staying he is considered a "tenant" and by law(i don't know how it is where he lives) You have to give that person atleast 30 days to move out. You can't just kick that person out of that place if they are paying you for rent. If they are not paying you for rent thats a different story. I know there are some law students on this site maybe they will correct me if i'm wrong.

    There is criagslist. People are always looking for roomates on there, but watch out for the weirdos. If he is gay there is

    If I'm right with the whole 30 day thing. I would just walk right back into that apartment and say "surprise bitch!!! I got 30days until I have to move out" and make sure he hids his stuff until he can find somewhere else to stay.

    If I were you. I would ask him how much he makes a month. Because if he is making atleast 600 or more a month That should be good to rent a room. Even if it takes his entire pay check. I rather have a roof over my head than worrie where my next meal is going to coming from. Because,you can always applie for food stamps,go to a soup kitchen, or go to a food drive.

    Some people think they are good with their finances and priorities, but its good to have another person look over them.

    Hope i helped.