So Rehoboth isn't too bad after all

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    Aug 02, 2009 10:01 PM GMT
    Not that I doubted it but there were some interesting opinions from some people here and offline.

    To be honest I have been told in the last couple of days that there is a much different crowd here in Rehoboth this year and there is a large spectrum of the rainbow of gays here in Rehoboth.

    We went to the beach yesterday and it seems that you have all types - bears, twinks, norms, sports boys, the only type that was missing were those who prefer to stay indoors!

    Shopping is still to be tried, there are a lot of factory outlets here, but otherwise down towards the beach the shopping is just cheap tourist shirts and stuff.

    Night life has been pretty decent - not too crowded but still enough people to at least have a decent conversation.

    Would I recommend Rehoboth as a holiday destination? Sure. I'm quite impressed with the people here and would certainly recommend it. More to come on this as the week passes!
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    Aug 02, 2009 10:05 PM GMT


    didn't take me as luggage


    And I was willing to do A LOT OF STUFF to come too


    Gawd I"m jealous I want warm weather again!!!!
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    Aug 02, 2009 11:31 PM GMT
    Babe, it's as humid as Darwin at times but the weather just seems to keep changing.

    On the way in we had the worst thunderstorms I had seen in a long time, yet yesterday started with the best summer weather you could wish for with the night ending with some light showers.

    Today it's mostly been raining which is good after going out last night and being able to stay home and recover.

    Can't believe I still have a whole week to go and so much to see and do!

    There are a lot of factory outlets here as well and tomorrow I'm off to the gym for a regular workout - the food here is rather processed and it can be difficult not being tempted to try the different foods that I've never even heard if before.

    Still, can plan another trip for next year if your interested? icon_smile.gif
  • wave173

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    Aug 02, 2009 11:37 PM GMT
    I love going to rehobeth during the summer. I always have a great time. I don't think the people there this year were as attractive overall as previous years, but then again I think I was there on an off weekend. It's all what you make of it though.