Prank calls--funny ones...

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    Aug 03, 2009 6:19 PM GMT
    add to the list.....
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    Aug 03, 2009 7:06 PM GMT
    The only good I can say about the stupid phone pranks I did as a kid was that it later taught me that only immature kids do really juvenile stunts (I suppose by definition), and that cruelty to strangers is not funny. To my close friends is another matter entirely. icon_twisted.gif

    One of my favorite phone stunts occurred to me from the accidental dropping of a metal serving tray at home. It made a terrible clatter on the wooden floor that went on and on, as the platter spun around like a big coin and took forever to finally stop. I associated this large pan-like round plate, perverse little mind that I had (have), with the take-out pizzas my family enjoyed from a local shop.

    It also happened that my voice, at 12-13, had deepened considerably before my buddies had. So I'd invite a few of them over to my house, when both my parents were at their offices (I was pretty much a latch-key kid then), and here's what we'd do:

    We'd pick a random local phone number from the White Pages. I'd dial (literally) them, and tell them I was the "order guy" at Frank's Pizza, that their pizza was ready for pick-up and we wondered where they were.

    Well of course they'd protest that they hadn't ordered a pizza. And I would argue back that they had, were they not so-and-so of this address, at this number? Well, yes, they were they'd say, but they never ordered any pizza.

    And we'd go back and forth for a while on the phone, my buddies stiffling laughter in the background. Finally, at a sign from me, one of them would drop the "pizza" tray on the bare floor with a big crash, that would continue for a while as the plate settled. I'd be holding the phone close by to pick up the sound.

    "Oh, well never mind," I'd say back to them. "Frank just dropped your pizza," and promptly hang up on them. Nothing could be more stupid.

    Except once, in the middle of the argument on the phone, the guy abruptly said OK, he'd go ahead and drive downtown to get the pizza anyway. And he hung up before I could stop him with the platter crash.

    I still feel guilty about him presumably showing up at Frank's and asking for his pizza and finding nothing waiting for him. Unless he was playing a joke on me, which I certainly deserved. Ah, the folly of youth...
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    Aug 04, 2009 4:31 AM GMT
    me and a buddy once phoned holiday inn in NYC, got their bookings dept. and set it up for a honeymoon suite. I was talking with a heavy east indian accent and then asked if i cud get my soon to be wife into another room, the cheapest one they had. I then asked if they had an escort service they cud provide me with, the womanwas so horrified it was hilarious. my friend then fell down the stairs he was laughing so hard, and the woman asked what that was, so i went into this tirade about my clumsy stupid fiancee for ever until the woman finally yelled at me and hung up. it was funny as hell and yet totally stupid, wish i taped it.
  • jlly_rnchr

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    Aug 04, 2009 4:52 AM GMT

    Arnold makes the best prank calls.
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    Aug 04, 2009 8:18 AM GMT
    Jeff, you are way too edgy for me.

    This one I love, and so do 16 million other Youboob viewers.

  • metalxracr

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    Aug 04, 2009 9:19 AM GMT
    Andy Milonakis has a series of prank free style phone calls.

    I like watching Andy's stupid videos they're so wack! haha

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    Aug 04, 2009 11:08 AM GMT
    jprichva said(ring ring) Hello?
    Is your refrigerator running?
    Is my---what?
    Is your refrigerator running?
    I guess it is, yeah.
    Well, you'd better go catch it! HAHAHAHAHAHAH

    (ring ring)
    Frank's Tobacco Shop, can I help you?
    Yes, I want to know---do you have Prince Albert in a can?
    Yes, I think we do.
    Really? Don't you think you ought to let him out? YOKyokYOKyokYOK

    We did these as kids so many years ago remembering the makes me chuckle. Yes - old stand-bys including:

    (ring ring) call to bowling alley
    Do you have 10-lb balls?
    OMG - How do you walk?

    My youngest sister would make a call (only to a woman) and it would go somthing like this -
    Sister - Mom the movies are over. Can you come pick me up now?
    Woman - I'm sorry honey but you have the wrong number
    Sister - What? This is my last dime. (crying begins) I don't have any more money to call her.
    Woman - Honey, Honey wait a minute - let me think.
    Sister - balling her eys out. How am I going sniffle sniffle get home. Can you come pick me up?
    Woman - Well i suppose so - what theater are you at. Oh wait a min. What's your phone number and i''ll call you mother.
    Sister - OH damn ......... dial-tone

    hits submit with embarrassment icon_redface.gif