You Belong

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    Aug 05, 2009 9:48 PM GMT
    Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and aliens, but fellow citizens with God’s people and members of God’s household. - Ephesians 2:19

    Nearly each of us has felt it. And although we try not to think about it, many of us can’t forget it. Perhaps you felt it when the captain for a kickball team picked you last. Perhaps you felt it when your grades were lower than everyone else’s. Perhaps you felt it when your clothes weren’t as nice as others’ or your physical appearance did not fit the standard for what others considered “good-looking.” It is that catch in your throat and that wave of unease that washes over your body. It’s the terrible feeling that says within you, “I don’t belong.”

    And let’s be candid. That feeling does not simply haunt the playgrounds and schooldays of your past. There can still be awful moments or periods of your life when you find yourself among a group of people and that sad, familiar voice speaks again within you; the voice that says, “I don’t belong.”
    But in Jesus, you do belong. Apart from Christ, we are all foreigners and aliens, as God’s Word says. We could win all the popularity contests we want, but apart from Christ we have no meaningful relationship with others and we have no meaningful relationship with God.

    But connected with Jesus, everything changes. The blood he shed on the cross not only washes your every sin away; it also binds you to him and binds you to your brothers and sisters in God’s family.
    Now, do we always feel that closeness? Do we always feel that bond? No, we don’t. As long as we are still in this fallen world, our Christian brothers and sisters are bound to let us down, we are bound to let them down, and our flawed emotions will often fail to perceive the close, intimate bond we have with Christ and with each other.

    But make no mistake. You belong. You belong to us. We belong to you. And by faith we all belong to God through the precious blood of his Son.
    Are there still times when you feel left out and alone? That simply means you’re like the rest of us. Just remember the blessing you possess in Jesus Christ: You belong.
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    Aug 05, 2009 11:12 PM GMT
    An excellent post.
    And just as you said, I too was well aware of the schooldays Games period, when I was left on the shelf after each of the two team captains had chosen everybody else who stood in that line. It happened every time.
    I too, knew what it was like to feel lonely in the classroom.
    Then there is this one.
    I also know what it was like being thrown out from a Christian team at a conference center for being gay.
    For this, check up the forum thread on my profile, "How much I wanted you, David".
    And yes, I fully agree with you - in Christ I belong.