It's 93 F at 6 AM and I'm headed to breakfast. I found this little tidbit from yesterday's Wall Street Journal while catching the morning news.

What's up guys? Could it be there might be more immigration in this fair city soon?

"I think many of Mr. Obama’s supporters in the upper brackets of politics, who were expected to bear the burden of his “sacrifice” by meekly mailing in higher federal tax payments, are shocked at how high their top marginal rates could go. "

"This is especially true in high-tax Democratic utopias such as New York City, the famous ATM of Clinton-era fundraising, where the top marginal rate for all taxes could hit 60% if the health surtax is imposed. Mayor Mike Bloomberg is competing with Mr. Obama to pull tax revenue out of the same base of taxpayers, and Sen. Chuck Schumer wants to tap them for campaign contributions. Ask these two politicians what they’re hearing from this high-value swath of the Democratic base. Even the fattest cats in time discover the fairness issue. "