For the last several years I have been drinking most of my meals during the day (protein drinks). While there seems to be a mixed school of thought to this...I weigh in at 194, and my muscle mass has been increasing...and my overall body fat is about 7.5%

Anyway, about 2 years ago I started putting 1/2 cup old fashioned oats in a coffee grinder turning it into a powder of sorts, and add that to my protein drink. I mix this with a little flax oil, and have found the taste really is not bad. I drink 5 like this, then the rest (3-4) are consumed without the oatmeal, as i do not intake carbs after 2pm.

so....the product that I am wanting to produce is is basically powdered oatmeal, but adding extra Beta Glucan to the powder (this is the good part of oatmeal that lowers cholesterol, and has other benefits to the body).

To this I will be adding Chia seed for extra fiber, but also a good source of Omega 3...and then to top it off (since all of this is good pre-biotic), I am adding a general digestive pro-biotic to it as well.

So...what you will have is a neutral tasting powder that gives you complex carbs, good source of fiber, omega 3, and digestive pro-biotics that you mix with your favorite protein drink.

I know there are many who want the oatmeal, but like me cannot stand the stuff cooked...this makes it easy, plus added bennies.

I am looking for people to test the product....test is not an accurate word, but rather want people to try it, and see what their experience is with the product.

So...please give me your thoughts, encouragements are good too...and of course contact me if you are interested in trying the product.