Jocklust! what jock tickles your pickle.

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    Aug 12, 2009 5:04 AM GMT
    Normally when I get to the sports page of the newspaper I just look to see who has won. Then today I came across the most hottest quarterback. I very rarely ever have jocklust but this guy I had to stop and stare. My Jock lust is Jimmy" the babe" Clausen is an American collegiate football player. He is a quarterback at the University of Notre Dame.A supercute dude! I like them cute and boyish!

    Who's your Jocklust?

    Jimmy Clausen Pictures, Images and Photos

    jimmy clausen Pictures, Images and Photos
  • SFTraveler

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    Aug 16, 2009 2:02 AM GMT
    For me, it's Stephan Curry, the Davidson basketball star who is in his rookie year with the Golden State Warriors.
    I love his style of play and his truly good looks!