There have been threads here in the past about the "turn offs" about someone you might be interested in dating. For some its "lack of a car" or a job or "living with parents".

I think my question here is a broader one... When you meet someone (male or female) and you get to know them, what do you view as negatives,
those things that are instant turn offs (and I don't mean things like being overweight or odor...). Have you really considered why you view those as negative?

I always remember a thread here on RJ a year or so ago that discussed
"turn offs" when dating and several mentioned that they'd never date someone who doesn't own a car. A guy from Toronto piped up and said,
"I don't have a car, you don't need one here". It makes you think. Are you being fair in "judging" someone on the basis of perceived "negatives"????

For me, lack of a job always is a little negative.. but in this recession is that fair? "Living with parents" beyond age 30 is a negative.. but what if there is
a reason for it? What if the parents are ill... or if they aren't there much and the friend works his ass off keeping the place up? Being on "welfare"
could be construed as negative as well.... but what if there are reasons?