Heil Hitler?

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    Aug 19, 2009 4:18 AM GMT
    Another classic conservative moment, when a women screams "Heil Hitler" to a Jew speaking the truth on universal healthcare.


    UPDATE: 2:30 AM... Are we seeing a new trend?

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    Aug 19, 2009 4:23 AM GMT
    I saw this on HuffPost... what a fucking dummy she was.

    And she even fake cried! What a bitch. Anyway here's from another forum I'll C and P:

    "but the joke is with that $8000 bill is that most of it went to Insurance Company Investors due to "minimums" -- what is a a "minimum"?

    It's the minimum that the insurance companies with have them charge.

    So say you have an injury that requires 5 items and a certain amount of labor hour

    say the total material costs are $39, $150, $388, $1.50, and $655

    say the labor costs are $300

    So actual costs = $1533.50

    Minimums means that there's a minimum that they can charge to insurance companies for those items.

    $39 = $100
    $159 = $200
    $388= $500
    $1.50 = $100
    $655 = $1000

    $300 = $300

    Minimum fee for ER vist

    Insurance company billed at = $2200

    Actual mark-ups are much much higher --

    So the insurance company pays you bill at $1533.50 but charges you a percentage based on 2200

    So any whining that the government would do a worse job than the shell game we have now -- is insane

    So they get an extra $700 + you deductible and that equals lots of happy investors and lots of lobbying.

    I'm just giving an example

    and the proof is in the pudding

    most millionaires I know do not carry health insurance. They carry catastrophic insurance but they pay everything else out of pocket because it's cheaper

    If you don't believe me get an out of pocket quote next time you are treated and compare that to what the insurance company claims they paid. You'll be surprised.
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    Aug 19, 2009 4:42 AM GMT
    ya know.. I think whats really important is not the healthcare it's the education system, I believe the problem truly stems from there.

    Work on improving that first.
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    Aug 19, 2009 4:47 AM GMT
    And everything else will fall into place..