I flew back on Northwest Airlines (my new favorite airline!) in first class...though I only purchased a regular ticket.

Here is how it happened.

When I first got to the airport I checked a bag and got my boarding pass from one of those computer machine thingys. I checked my seat to see if there was something better and I saw that the plane was packed.....but there were a couple of exit seats available. If I changed my seat there I would have to pay $20 to upgrade to an exit row (which is kind of funny that you have to pay for the honor of helping get everyone off the plane in an emergency). However, if I got to the gate I could put my name on a waiting list for exit row seating which would be released 40 minutes before departure.

And that is what I did. I got to the gate early and put my name on the list. 40 minutes prior to departure I went to the counter to check if I would be sitting at an exit road. The agent said that the only thing she had was a middle seat in exit row and I said I would pass and keep my window seat in the back of the plane. I noticed another list, and a couple of families with small children hanging around the counter. I asked the agent what the other list was for and she said that each of the two families wanted to sit closer to each other....and she was trying to see if she could arrange it somehow. I offered to change my seat if it would help these families somehow.

She said "Well yes, actually you would help me. But where would I put you? I know you wanted an exit seat but I don't have that".


And then I said....
"well is there anything in First Class perhaps?"

And there you have it. Done. I was in first class from Detroit back to Orlando.

So simple.

I got the agent's name and wrote a glowing letter to Northwest saying how hard this agent worked to keep families together! icon_smile.gif

Anyone else have tips on getting upgrades to first class? icon_biggrin.gif