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    Aug 22, 2009 1:30 PM GMT
    I did look through the older threads first before posting this, and found one thread, but the information was from 2007 and a lot can change in technology in a few years.

    So here is my question for everyone out there:
    My cell phone service is with ATT and it will expire this Fall 2009. Im thinking of changing over to another provider because there always seems to be a problem with ATT here where I live. I use to have Cingular - which I loved - but when they switched it over to ATT they "tweaked" all the towers in our area and now the service is rather bad. Not to mention the customer service lines are so long it takes almost an hour to get waited on at the office if you need something done or changed that you can't do online.

    Just wondering what kind of service everyone may use and what you have had good luck with in terms of phone service and in customer service as well. Thanks for the help! icon_smile.gif
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    Aug 22, 2009 7:19 PM GMT
    All wireless providers offer a grace period for new accounts. You can try out the phone and service for X days. I think it's 14 days. If you don't like it, you can return the phone for a refund and only pay for the minutes you used. No early termination fees. Just make sure you read the fine print and verify this with the salesperson.

    If you plan on doing this, don't port your existing number until you're sure you want to keep the new service. Because it will be difficult, in not impossible, to port your number back to your current provider.

    I've been pretty lucky with ATT. We have corporate owned ATT stores all over the LA area. I've never had to wait more than 10 minutes for anything. But I mainly manage my account online anyways.
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    Aug 22, 2009 8:04 PM GMT
    alltel....never had a dropped call, never had a billing issue....there is never anywhere in a building i cannot get a signal.....hope verizon is as good..as they bought alltel