So it seems from my last posting that the most popular lubes are either Silicone based, or Spit. Though Spit is an easy clean up, I did however get a lot of emails asking about how to get stains out of sheets from a silicone based lube. Here's one trick straight from the makers of Pjur Eros, which was one of the favorites and one of the biggest sellers on my website

Take Lighter Fluid.. YES, LIGHTER FLIUD and soak it onto a rag. Then dab it on the stain. Throw the sheets into the wash IMMEDIATELY after doing this. Apparently Lighter fluid breaks down the silicone compound completely without ruining most sheets (But I would test for color fastness on an inconspicuous spot if the sheets are really expensive).

In any case, I think grown men should have a pair of "playsheets" which are DEDICATED to, well, Play. Thus negating any need for special treatment and or worry.