I think Whitney totally lost her voice...The GMA performance were awful.

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    Sep 02, 2009 5:52 PM GMT

    I actually think the new album is OK, but the GMA performance is just beyond sad.
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    Sep 02, 2009 6:00 PM GMT
    Damn I didn`t realize her daughter is a big girl now. How old is she?
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    Sep 02, 2009 6:02 PM GMT
    Whitney Houston on ‘GMA’: ‘Don’t be worried anymore’
    9:08 am September 2, 2009, by Richard Eldredge

    Whitney Houston on stage in Central Park Tuesday. Credit: AP
    “Good Morning America” co-host Diane Sawyer acknowledged her last controversial chat with pop star Whitney Houston when they embraced again in a taped segment that aired Wednesday morning on the ABC morning show.

    Referencing the former Atlantan’s infamous “crack is whack” interview with Sawyer seven years ago, the TV journalist told Houston on stage in Central Park, “I was worried for you.”

    The singer reassured Sawyer, “Don’t be worried anymore. If you know God, don’t be worried.”

    Asked what got her through drug rehab, a very public divorce and shaping a career comeback with mentor Clive Davis, the singer explained: “My faith and the love and support of my family which I do have. The support of my friends in the good, bad and indifferent times.”

    Referring to the title track of her new album, “I Look to You,” Houston pointed to the crowd and said: ” ‘I Look to You’ is about them!”

    In a curious move, Houston’s mini-concert appearance on “GMA” was pre-taped Tuesday in Central Park. Sawyer and co-anchor Robin Roberts did mention that the concert segments were not airing live.

    Houston’s daughter with ex-hubby Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina who still resides with relatives here in the metro area, joined her mom on stage at one point. Houston’s mother, singer Cissy Houston was in the front row where she dedicated “I Look to You” to her.

    Houston’s voice’s was raspy in portions of the mini show but good will from sign-clutching, screaming fans clearly encouraged her.

    “GMA” reps emailed by Buzz Tuesday did not respond to our questions regarding the taping. But Houston conceded last month that she’s “not a morning person.”

    During “GMA” commercial breaks, a teaser ad for the Sept 14 season premiere of “Oprah” ran, announcing that Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Houston will air in two-parts on Sept 14 and 15 and promised “no topic is off limits.”

    The spot featured Winfrey asking the following tantalizing hardball questions: “When did the drugs start?” “What finally made you decide, ‘I’m out of this marriage?’ ” and “Were you afraid you had lost the voice?”

    So what was your take on Houston’s performance? Are you setting the TiVo for “Oprah” next Monday and Tuesday? Is fan good will enough to sustain a comeback or has Houston lost her most valuable commodity: that majestic voice?
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    Sep 02, 2009 6:11 PM GMT
    Well now I see why they didn`t broadcast it live, because the broadcast version of "I Look to You" was only part "live", they used pre-record track in some parts.

    This is the real one:


    I couldn`t even go through the whole thing, it`s just too painful for me to listen.
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    Sep 02, 2009 6:42 PM GMT
    Yeah her voice is gone. The performance kind of reminds me of when you go to some "pride" event and they have some washed up has been as a headlining act. The performance is usually mediocre at best but you still have fond memories of the hits so you stay. I still love Whitney for who she was so ill probably get the album. Nobody can sing like that forever. Have you heard Mariah Carey try to sing lately? And Whitneys older than her.
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    Sep 02, 2009 8:16 PM GMT
    Oh, what a shame, her voice has totally gone. Even if she was given better material she'd still sound terrible. What a waste. Perhaps Whitney should retire.