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    Sep 04, 2009 2:54 PM GMT
    On Sept. 4, 1957, Arkansas Gov. Orval Faubus called out the National Guard to prevent nine black students from entering Central High School in Little Rock.
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    Sep 04, 2009 4:56 PM GMT

    Nowadays, it's not so much Orval Faubus as it is Orville Redenbacher.

    I forget the name of the film, but it reveals the different features of present day segregation. There is a different spin when compared with the year 1974 Little Rock, however, the documentary makes an interesting claim: within the same school, there is a white standard of education and a black one. one example was to compare the minuscule black cohort enrolled in either an AP English or History class and compare it to the overrepresented black contingent enrolled in an intensive reading course. The film's title might just be Little Rock Central: 50 Years later ...