So I gave the 4 min/8cycle Tabata Protocal a try today, doing sprints.
I got out 3mins/6cycles and then had to go have a little lie down. icon_lol.gif

I knew it was going to kick my arse but was still surprised by just how intense it was. I really liked it though, and am keen to take it on as a serious challenge, improve my performance and incorporate it into my regular routine.

So - what are the recommended ways of building myself up with this?
I've read about increasing the number of cycles based on your heart responses on a monitor - but I don't have a monitor.

So, would an option be to decrease the length of the 'on' periods, and slowly increase them? Or increase the length of the rest period, and then slowly decrease them? Or.. just do less cycles, and keep at it until I can get all the way through?

Any advice appreciated.