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    Sep 09, 2009 7:13 AM GMT
    Have you seen your friend/family member/bf fall (drug/alcohol relapse, get into the wrong crowd, get into drugs/alcohol abuse, sex abuse, etc, etc)

    I haven't dealt with the drug things, but other the years I have seen many friends get in with the wrong crowd and other friends turn to sex, and other forms of negative expression to help cope with some problem (usually in the family or in a relationship) It really sucks and makes me depressed, it's worse when I really cannot do anything b/c of no funds, distance or even b/c in the type of relationship, it would not be my place
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    Sep 09, 2009 11:02 PM GMT
    There's not a lot you can do to help them even if you have the means to do it. Being a positive influence in their lives is probably all you can do.

    Education is key to having a grounded outlook in life and having motivation and goals. Get a good education yourself and then you'll feel more empowered. You'll associate yourself with people with successful habits, have them as positive role models, and understand how to prevent yourself from "falling".
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    Sep 09, 2009 11:17 PM GMT
    My friends have never had anything to do with "wrong crowds," which I do believe exist, so I can't comment directly on this. Even so, I have seen friends slip into alcohol dependence, leading me to think it can be as much a personal weakness as it is the company one keeps. Indeed, perhaps one can argue the "chicken or the egg" scenario: which came first, the personal weakness or the company? And did the weakness itself lead to the bad company?

    In any case, the key question is what to do about it, if anything. My own track record has not been good. I can't claim to have turned any friend away from excessive alcohol use (and none have had involvement with drugs to my knowledge). I think it's a job for professionals, although friends can assist, especially if told what to do by the experts involved. I'm not sure it's anything amateurs can do on our own, for all our best intentions. Our best help may be to direct them to qualified experts.