Peter Griffin said it best...... "The Irish get St. Patrick's day, the Christians get Christmas, and the Gays get Halloween"

Mean Girls the movie said "Halloween is a time to dress up in the sluttiest way and nobody can say anything about it"

I realize it's a bit early, but I am excited about Halloween and am beginning to think about what I will wear and to gather everything I need. This year however, I plan to dress up in a sexy/almost bordering slutty outfit. It is a way of celebrating a new body after keeping my new years resolution of going to the gym!!!!

Does anyone have any ideas,perhaps something you did years past, any pictures of costumes you have seen that are skimpy and show lots of skin, but that are cool and not stupid? Of course alot of gays go to the bars/clubs to show off their costumes,and this year, I want to turn heads!!