I want to seriously work on overhauling media and the way stories and people are presented in this country. A friend of mine said he wonders, as well as I, why only already famous people get coverage priority first, and the small guy only gets heard about if he grows some humongous pumpkin on his farm, or whatever.

Because it works on a profit motive, media goes with the easy route of thinking that a Brad Pitt story would sell more advertising, more news ads, etc. But I truly don't think that is the case. GREAT programming and stories will sell.

It is CERTAIN that TV and most media has reached an all-time low. It's more of a nuisance than an informative, entertaining asset.

So, how do we start going about doing this?

1. Don't watch bad TV. Ever.

2. Don't click on any internet links that you know will anger you, just so you can find out. For instance, if you don't want to EVER hear about Palin again, don't click on a link that says "Palin says ****" or whatever. And never comment on a story that you really don't want to hear about in the first place, even if to say you don't care.

3. Hook up with grass roots organizations that are trying to get better stories, better programming.

4. Get petitions and letters to the networks and cable stations showing distaste in the programming. Threaten to boycott advertisers. This does work.

I know some of you are probably saying, to each his own, someone will like "Big Brother" and others will think it's a sad display of humans being prodded like rats to show off the worst in human behavior. But honestly, honestly, wouldn't you rather see much much better stuff on TV?

We owe that to ourselves.