I am part of a "Marathon In Training" club, as a new member,and I am training for the Columbus Marathon on October 18. I joined them on July 1.
Saturday is our LONG RUN day and we start at 7AM(officially)....I thought today was a 9 mile day....it turned out to be a 20 mile run day.
As I am running along in my pace group for a little bit, I started to drift ahead of them further and further until I caught up with the next faster pace group. I was originally with the 10 minute per mile group and I ran up and caught the 7:30 pace group AND HUNG TOUGH WITH THEM! I did this by mile #6. I thought I was 2/3 done until I asked and found out my mistake....and I figured I'd hang with them as long as I could and just fall back to my original pace group as we got further into the practice. I kept going and was expecting and waiting for my endurance to start giving in and for me to start slowing down....mile by mile I am still hanging tough with them and even pushing the 7:30 group pace leader....but I never felt my endurance weakening...by mile marker 18 I am a sweaty, dripping mess....(like I always am!) only I'm in tears, crying as I'm running. Several of the other members ran up and said that If I am in that much pain I need to slow down, or walk for a period to let the pain pass.....When I laughed and said I'm not in pain, I'm happy and in disbelief...they looked at me like I am crazy and asked why are you crying? They just didn't understand my answer......5 years ago I weighed in at 423 pounds and had been given a "death sentence" because of my obesity and no hope, prayer or chance of surviving more than 2 more years. I was in constant and intolerable pain in my joints....walking from the car to the house was a challenge. Forget about running anything! and yet here I was this fantastic, beautiful sunny morning....running 20 miles and pushing the pace to better than a 7:30 mile....yeah It was and is an emotional moment for me......No pain, no strain, I feel fine, not even breathing very hard......why did it mean so much to me...today...because this is the 5 year anniversary of the day my former Dr. told me I would be dead in less than 2 years... and I am still here 5 years later, 230 lbs lighter and just ran 20 miles in 2 hrs and 38 minutes! My tears were a celebration of beating the odds, conquering my "monster" and pushing my limits. If this is what qualifies for "crazy" I proudly admit that I am CRAZY! ....not bad for 49 years old...... I think I need to mow the yard, get a snack and something to drink and wash the truck. You all have a nice day.icon_cool.gif