Alan Turing was one of greatest geniuses in modern history.
Rather eccentric, he had idiosyncrasies such as tying his tea cup to a radiator so no one else would use it. He also had a halting speech and a high pitched voice, and he loved the Disney fairy tale Snow White.
He also believed that religion had no place in the study of science.
He also completed a marathon in two hours 46 minutes - the world record was 2:25.
Yet this Cambridge post graduate and holder of a PhD was a brilliant mathematician who made an important contribution for Britain and the Allies to win the War by creating the Enigma machine which cracked the German code, allowing Hitler's U-Boats to be defeated at the Battle of the Atlantic.
Turing was also the father of the modern computer. The very page you are reading was the end result of Turing's work, yet he was undervalued by the Establishment, and received little credit for his brilliant contributions.
But he was also a tragic victim of the draconian 1885 Criminal Amendment Act, Section 11 - which sentenced homosexual acts between men - even in private - for up to two years in prison.
One evening in 1952, 39 year old Turing brought a 19-year old man, Arnold Murrey, to his home in Cheshire, where he spent at least one night. Murrey then outed him, and he was brought to justice in March 1952. Given a choice of either a year behind bars or receiving oestrogen jabs to suppress his homosexual urges, he chose the latter. The result was a massive weight gain which led him to despair.
On the 7th June, 1954 he committed suicide, by (as it was thought) biting into an apple poisoned with cyanide - after Snow White who did the same thing. He was then approaching his 42nd birthday.
The 1885 Criminal Amendment Act Section 11 was based on religion - the marriage of Christianity to the State and its laws. This marriage of Religion and State dating back to AD 313 during the days of Constantine, was not endorsed by the New Testament, and Jesus Christ and the Apostles did not preach or sanction it.
Citation: The Daily Mail, Saturday Sept 12th, 2009.