What's the bravest thing you've ever done?

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    Sep 25, 2009 9:46 PM GMT
    . . . other than coming out . . .
  • jgymnast733

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    Sep 25, 2009 11:59 PM GMT
    Walked through central park at 3am,,of course i was scared shitless, plus a group of guys were hanging out by the resevoir smokin weed so i walked further down to avoid them and a raccoon scared the crap out of me...Just as i was about to exit on 85th and CPW, a queen was lying on a blanket NAKED, ass up and ready for any taker....of course i kept going,,i'm sure she found something....
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    Sep 26, 2009 2:20 AM GMT
    I grabbed a wild squirrel by the tail when I was a kid. This also constitutes the stupidest thing I've ever done.

    I dunno, I stood up to my parents and told them they were enabling my sister's drug addiction. That was pretty scary.
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    Sep 26, 2009 2:39 AM GMT
    There's a fine line between brave and stupid.

    For me, it was either playing in the road with my friends as a kid (more on the stupid side of that dividing line) or confronting a crazy guy who pinned his ex-girlfriend (both strangers to me) against a wall with a knife in his hand.
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    Sep 26, 2009 2:54 AM GMT
    Killing a snake with a stick. I was scared to shit with it hissing towards me, but he was inside the house and somebody had to do it.
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    Sep 26, 2009 2:54 AM GMT
    I think it was just a few months back when I saw a car accident and lucky for the guy he had two nurses behind them without any first aid kit... I gave them mine but a light pole was inbetween the two sides of the freeway and the traffic from the other side could have hit it and caused a secondary accident. I left the scene and drove around while calling 911 and parked my truck in the fast lane of the other side of the highway praying no one would hit me as semis and what not would drive by like bats out of hell not knowing what was going on. Stupid maybe but also bravest Id think... second would be pushing my suicidal friend out of the street before a semi almost hit her. soemthing with semis i swear.
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    Sep 26, 2009 3:02 AM GMT
    My colleagues and I were collecting semen from a bull, using the electroejaculator

    Someone turned the dial up a little too high, and the bull became a little too excited. Some forceful moaning and bucking occurred.

    Suddenly, the shoot just started to break apart and pieces went flying everywhere. It was just me left, holding onto the rope with the bull's head in the head-gate.

    Everyone else ditched me while I stood proudly.icon_razz.gif
  • Webster666

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    Sep 26, 2009 3:09 AM GMT
    There's a park in San Francisco called "Dolores Park." At one end of the park, a lot of gay men lay out to get a tan. At the other end, the straight Latinos hang out.

    One day, I was there with the crowd of gay men, when I noticed a young woman, sitting on the grass (near me) just minding her own business. A straight Latino started hitting on her and was being really annoying. A gay man near by told him, "Why don't you just leave her alone ?"

    The Latino walked away, then came right back and started pummeling the gay man. I got up and pulled the Latino guy off the gay guy and told him to stop it.

    It must have been because I looked pretty muscular that the Latino decided that he'd better not tangle with me, and he just walked away. Afterwards, I was amazed at myself because I had just acted without thinking. I'm certainly not the type of guy who would get into a physical fight, and I wouldn't know what to do if I did. I was more lucky than brave. But, the gay guy was grateful.
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    Sep 26, 2009 3:29 AM GMT
    I'm a commercial pilot.
    Before that, though, I pumped gas at a little airport in rural Kentucky, while I learned to fly.
    Which is how this story came to be.
    I rushed into a burning airplane and pulled out its pilot and the passenger (the plane's owner). It was a King Air 300 (a turboprop jet). This was in Kentucky about 18 or 19 years ago. The plane had taxied across a fuel pump and the left propeller had struck the fuel pump. The nose gear went into the next fuel pump and collapsed. The main gear (wheels) are under the wing. So, when the nose wheel collapsed and the nose dropped, the aft (rear) of the plane lifted several feet higher into the air. The cabin door is aft of the wing, so it was now high in the air as well. I ran toward the plane pulling a wheeled fire extinguisher, but saw the fire was just too much. So, I dropped the extinguisher, ran for a "tug" (a tractor used to push/pull airplanes around on the ground). I pulled the tug up to the the plane, climbed on its hood and opened the cabin door. This placed the bottom of the door just above the hood of the tug, which allowed me to get the pilot and passenger out.

    THAT, is the bravest thing I have ever done.
    Palm Springs, CA

    A close second would be my first "solo" flight, which was certainly the SCARIEST thing I have ever done. After many hours of flight instruction, you are working with your flight instructor as usual. Then, COMPLETELY UNEXPECTEDLY, he gets out of the plane and says you're on your own!

    I was well prepared, and had worked on this for weeks. I knew I could do it. I wasn't at all afraid. Okay, a little nervous, but that was it. I was perfectly fine until I was about 15 feet in the air (when the plane breaks ground effect). That is when the sensation of flight hits. What made it scary was, when I had the sensation of flight, it went through my head, "YOU GET NO SECOND CHANCES AT THIS! YOU MUST LAND THIS PLANE ALL ALONE OR YOU WILL DIE!"
    THAT was a very SOBERING thought to say the least.

    Oh, yeah, I made it!
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    Sep 26, 2009 5:07 AM GMT
    We were out hiking and crossing a river when suddenly the water level rose and we were caught in a flash flood. My brother's girlfriend (100 lbs, most of it in her implants) was swept away. I (former lifeguard) instinctively jumped in after her. She ended up crashing into a large boulder (luckily only spraining her wrist) and was able to climb on top of it and out of the water.

    As I started going after some of our gear, I heard my sister cry out as she lost hold and succumbed to the current. Let the stuff go and picked her up on my way out of the water.

    It was pretty traumatic for some people (my sister had just been through ground zero of a suicide bombing. Luckily she was physically shielded from the explosion, but not from the aftermath).

    I thought it was fun, almost like a roller coaster ride. Was ready to get back in line and do it again if I could.... Don't really think of it as "brave" but it was an adventure to remember..
  • CuriousJockAZ

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    Sep 26, 2009 5:41 AM GMT
    The first time I kissed a girl when I was like 12. I was freakin' petrified!
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    Sep 26, 2009 5:56 AM GMT
    I got on this roller coaster. Lol


    Haha. Not really, I mean I did get on it, but the bravest thing I've done is I've saved multiple people from drowning, being a lifeguard and a beach patroler. And to be honest, it doesn't get any easier after the first time. It's always a scary time.
  • Matia79

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    Sep 26, 2009 6:08 AM GMT
    I was playing one of the leads in a production of the musical CITY OF ANGELS. In one scene my character was getting a massage from a 'sexy swedish girl' while he conducts a meeting with another character. As I sit up the actress playing the 'swedish girl' is supposed to cover me with a robe as I get off the table and cross the stage to finish off the scene.

    My parents, sister, and brother-in-law drove for 10 hours to see the production one night. As I was getting ready for the show in my dressing room I discovered I had forgotten my dancebelt (a flesh coloured g-string) at home...I would have to go naked under my costumes...the massage and robe scene included. I told the actress playing the swedish girl what had happened and that she had to be quick with the robe. As the show went on I became more and more nervous about the upcoming scene. The actress and I rehearsed the robe scene twice before actually going on.

    I think my nerves rubbed off. As we reached the big moment, I sat up from the table expecting the robe to be waiting. Instead I saw the poor girl standing there with absolutely nothing in her hands but a panicked look in her eyes. I knew what happened IMMEDIATELY!!! She was so nervous about the actual move itself that she forgot the robe offstage...and on the very night I had no underwear while my family sat in the audience.
    I had no choice. To hit my mark in time for the end of the scene I had get off the massage table completley naked, walk off-stage while delivering my lines and grab the robe and come back onstage as though this were all a part of the scene. I must've flashed the entire audience (approx 1,000 ppl) for a good minute or two. I have never been more humiliated and more proud of myself in a single moment.

    To this day that show is not discussed in my family.
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    Sep 26, 2009 6:24 AM GMT
    I saved my cousin from drowning when I was 8. I barely knew how to swim at the time but my instincts kicked in and I went after her, brought her up, and got her out of the pool. I didn't realize I was in the deep part (10 feet) which had always scared the shit out of me back then.
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    Sep 26, 2009 6:41 AM GMT
    joeyveras saidI saved my cousin from drowning when I was 8. I barely knew how to swim at the time but my instincts kicked in and I went after her, brought her up, and got her out of the pool. I didn't realize I was in the deep part (10 feet) which had always scared the shit out of me back then.

    I had a similar experience. When I was about 8, we were at my grandmother's house in the mountains. A small creek runs through her back yard, which is normally quite tame. However, this was the time of year when spring runoff is at its peak. Thus, the creek was pretty much a river, that day. Somehow, my five year-old brother fell over a retaining wall (flood control) and into the creek while chasing after his Tonka truck. I swear it must have been angels, but somehow, adrenaline kicked in and I leaned over and grabbed my brother's hand. Before his feet even hit the water, I had already yanked him out and onto the grass. Mind you, this was a six-foot retaining wall, and I was at least 10 feet away when he fell. I remember looking up a moment later, and seeing that Tonka truck careening down the river.

    My brother, of course, is alive and well. To this day, this experience still feels surreal.

    Oh, and I killed a big snake on my porch, one day. Talk about eebie jeebies.
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    Sep 26, 2009 6:57 AM GMT
    jprichva saidI jaywalked once.
    That's right, I crossed the street in the middle of the block.
    I don't think I even looked both ways before crossing.

    When it was over, I went home and shook like a leaf. The memory still haunts me.

    Later that day...
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    Sep 26, 2009 6:58 AM GMT
    I'd say, stand up for the burnouts during an Evangelism invasion with my sister in the outskirts of Kansas City, Missouri. I was visiting my sister at the "Intntl House of Prayer". My sister was in the Evangelism Intensive internship program with IHOP - I don't share her passion for religion... Two days in to my stay with her, I was invited alongside her group of 11 students and a few practiced Evangelists. This was done in the parking lot of a U2/ Bon Jovi cover band concert, which was free. So you can imagine every redneck, half-drunk, shirtless, toothless, farmer's tanned, ol' boy out there didn't wanna hear about Jesus' love....At first I'd say getting out of the Jesus van (like a airport shuttle, with doves etc on the side) was the bravest thing I've done. We were like sheep among wolves... (Just like sheep... I definitely felt like "baa"-ing many times throughout that weekend as I pretended to follow the flock) Many scary looks, I felt like every pickup truck had a shotgun with our names on it.

    We broke up in to groups of three. Naturally I was with my sister, and one other man. At first I played along, I kept my mouth shut when they were preaching. I watched, and nodded my head.

    Eventually we moved over to these three college kids, a few years older than I. One, a total burnout, one completely wasted, and one with enough sense left to put up a solid argument for the nonbelievers. We perched next to this trio for a few hours, almost the duration of the concert. This guy had stumped both my sister and her teacher consistently, it was like looking in a mirror. I had gone through the SAME conversation in the past, from his perspective. I had asked the SAme questions, and alos not gotten a straight answer that didn't involve "it's in my bible, I need no other proof."

    It took every ounce of strength I had to STOP pretending to agree with everything that I had been surrounded with over the few days visit (not to mention, my life...) and to just sort of nod my head with him and say "He really does have a good point, I'm really thinking we should just go our separate ways and find an easier target for this sale." I knew it would bring the wrath of god upon me in the form of constant prayer over me for the next two days, and hope that I would come around, blah blah blah..... not to mention my sister being "worried" about my status with god.... I can only scratch the surface here.

    I'm sure this wont even compare to coming out to her/my dad/ etc. But I felt a lot closer to being ready for that. I stopped pretending in one way.

    Sorry for the long-winded, all over the place storytelling. It's late, I don't feel like proof-reading.
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    Sep 26, 2009 7:16 AM GMT
    I kept my cool under police interrogation about selling class A drugs.
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    Sep 26, 2009 8:56 AM GMT
    Global_Citizen saidThere's a fine line between brave and stupid.

    I always tend to go for the stupid side of that line.
  • twostroke

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    Sep 26, 2009 9:27 AM GMT
    Guillotinning a cockroach with a folded piece of paper.

    Urrrgh!! (I had to sit down afterwards, took a lot of courage)
  • zakariahzol

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    Sep 26, 2009 12:08 PM GMT
    I walk thru the baddest street of the ruin city of Detroit by myself. A guy keep calling me to come over. He probably think I am looking for some drug.
  • Arcangel7769

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    Sep 26, 2009 2:10 PM GMT
    Bravery is a funny thing. It kinda depends on the viewpoint. As far as I can define it, bravery doesn't consist of not being afraid, but of actually BEING afraid, and yet still doing the right thing. I served in the military and I was cited for bravery under fire, but I never really viewed it as such. To me, I was just doing my job.

    The one thing in my life that actually does stand out in my memory is being 17 years old and being in the passenger side seat with a friend driving early one morning. We saw the side of an old 3 story wood frame house on fire. He stopped and let me off to go try and wake people up in the building (found out later it was a boarding home/hotel) while he went to find a phone. (Yeah, this was before the time when EVERYONE had a cell phone!) I first looked to see if I could put the fire out, but it was way too large. It scared the crap outta me when I noticed it was about 3 feet from the gas meter. It clicked on me that if it blew, I...along with everyone in the house...would die. It was the hardest thing in the world for me to keep going and bang on all the doors and get people out. A lot of them didn't want to go, but I got them all out just as the fire truck was getting there. They got the fire out, the gas meter didn't explode...but I was trembling with fear afterward.

    Later I found out 2 things from the firemen...1st, it was arson. The fire had been deliberately set. 2nd...the reason a lot of the people didn't want to leave? It was a hooker motel.

    Ah well...sic transit gloria mundi
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    Sep 26, 2009 7:50 PM GMT
    Though it was boring, I'd have to say live nerve agent training.
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    Oct 06, 2009 1:24 AM GMT
    me and a few friends went to visit some friends in Hawaii, and we literally hiked 4 hours up this mountain one afternoon. we had to climb up vertical rock walls and craw through crazy patches of jungle that was home to many pretty but nasty critters. towards the top of the mountain, the pathway was maybe 2 feet wide, with cliffs on both sides, and if any of us had taken a wrong step we would have fallen hundreds of feet to our death. once we got to the top, we could see both the east coast and west coast of Oahu, and it was definitely the most beautiful view I have ever seen in my life. (One of my pictures shows the view from one angle at the top of the mountain)

    for not being the most athletically inclined, I was really proud of myself for making all the way up there! (and then 4 hours back down).

    definitely the bravest I've ever been, and one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! icon_biggrin.gif
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    Oct 06, 2009 1:30 AM GMT
    I think you should let your actions speak for themselves.

    I've never done anything brave with the thought that I'd get to brag about it later.

    EDIT: this kind of makes me seems like a dick.

    I've done things that people would consider brave. I used to do them just about every day. I've saved a live or two or three, but it's all because it was something I wanted to do. So Brave? Hardly.