My partner, the Godfather

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    Sep 28, 2009 10:35 PM GMT
    My partner is pure Italian, and loves to joke about some of the Italian cliches. When we talk about new cars, he always asks me how many bodies the trunk will hold. He is the worst! LOL!

    Yesterday, Sunday the 27th, he was once again an actual godfather at a Methodist Church christening. This time the son of our cleaning lady, on a green card from Brazil, the baby's father and her not yet married. But the father was there, also Brazilian, and lots of pictures were taken, many by me, which I won't post here because of the family's privacy.

    And everyone knows we're both gay and a couple (Certainly our cleaning lady does! She makes our bed and cleans up after us). And we were both so touched that this couple, of Portuguese-Brazalian background, asked my gay partner to be the godfather to their son. Another friend of ours, though straight, was the godmother.

    And BTW, the Methodist church was lovely, which we didn't know before, and very accepting of us, because they understood about us, one of the ministers noticing our gay rings. I mention stories like this to offset the bad stories we all hear about, concerning what gays suffer, in discrimination and community rejection. You know how upset I get here over them.

    But when there are nicer stories I like to share them, too. Of young parents from a background you might not think would accept gays, and who choose one of us as their son's godfather. And their church likewise accepts us. These are the times when I see glimmers of hope for the future.
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    Sep 28, 2009 10:45 PM GMT
    I went to a private Methodist high school, had a lot teaching based on there religious principles and they certainly seemed one of the more accepting faiths

    I remember they invited a speaker to a school assembly, a guy working with kids orphaned by AIDS.... they didn't vet the speech before hand and it evolved into a gays are a sick abomination responsible for the abandonment of these kids

    I was too young to question it seriously at the time, but I just remember a room packed full of people where you could have heard a pin drop and one of my class mates saying afterwards. "OMG that was so awesome!!!"