It happen this morning. We are at work . Suddenly there an announcement for everyone to leave the building and gathered in the open space. I was in the first floor and dont feel anything, but anyone in the 4 floor and above actually feel the building shaking. But earlier, I already feel an unexplained dizziness.

After a few hour we are allow to go in. In YAHOO, the news is out. A second earthquake have hit western Indonesia on Sumatra , Island. Yesterday, there a same earthquake at smaller scale.

The quake are so powerful, (about 7 in Ritcher Scale). 500 people or more is death, more trap under the rubble. I was in Malaysia , some 600km from the quake centre and yet, we can feel it. In Kuala Lumpur , Singapore and Jakarta people have to evacuate building.

I cant help feeling sorry for Indonesia, they have 3 quake in the row , nearly every month. In Java, Bali and now Sumatra.

How about a moment of silence to remember the victim of this disaster.