I've asked this in another topic of mine as well, but wanted to ask it here separately. I've been going to the gym for the past 7 months, have gotten a lot of muscle, but have some 8-10 pounds to lose to be defined. Since I've started to develop stretch marks plus all this really heavy lifting will be too much for me when college starts, I'd like to pick up some sport that would work my muscles enough to maintaing them and get ripped, I'd still go to the gym twice a week and do circuit training and twice a week do that sport, plus eat to maintain the muscle. Do you have any sports to advise that really work the whole body? I was thinking swimming, dancing, kickboxing or sth like that, only doing the same lifting is boring to me. College is starting so that's would give me some more time to study as well, plus save me some money because I wouldn't need so many shakes.