Can somebody help me? I live with a friend.........

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    Oct 04, 2009 4:47 PM GMT
    He's more like a stepbrother to me. We knew each other for 20 yrs now, so last year i broke up with my ex girlfriend, but before that we had a few threesomes with my friend. well the last 3 some we had, she was on top of him and i was running my hands up his legs and it was making him cum, so she got up and i grabed his cock, and jacked it off and he came hard. We didnt discuse that part afterwards. but he wasnt mad or anything. So now my ex is gone and i live with him now. We havnt talked about doing it or anything just some light talk about how vibrators make a girl cum wile in the ass. So one time i notice him looking through the crack of my door watching me jack off to some porn, and a few times he got undressed leavn his door open a crack. His bed room door is straight across mine. So one day i go to his room when he wasnt home "He said he dont mind if i go in there" So i went in one day and found some vibrators in his nightstand drawer. and one has light brown stains from using it in his ass. So i know he tryed it now and, i know its not his girlfriend, cause he said before she dont like her ass touched, and "she dont know what she is missing. So now today, she left and his door is wide open and im in my room with my door open, i look over and only see from his waist down to the end of the bed, he is jacking off under the covers, so i got hard and was jacking off, i couldnt takeit any more so i went over, by his bed and asked him if we could cum together and he said " I cant man, i cant do that" so im like do yuo got any books or anything, im so lonely not havn a girlfriend. He said no and went to the kitchen, so i went to my room laid on the bed and dosed off allitle, i wake up and he is sitn on the edge of his bed watchn tv, kinda glancing over, so i reached over and turnd on the computer and wached some porn, he was sitn there for about 10 min watchn. Then he left.

    So my question is, why did he turn me away? It seems like he is interested, but wontdo anything? What would be a good way and time to try again? Please help me im very interested in doing it with him, but it seems weird.
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    Oct 04, 2009 6:47 PM GMT
    Lord did I have too much experience with bi curious guys back in the day.

    And my advice to spare you is to tell you not to even bother. It seems that you yourself may be closeted bi, or bi curious and I know the thought of fooling around with another curious guy makes you feel more comfortable, but trust me when I tell you its less of a headache dealing with a guy who you know blatantly likes guys.

    He can get you off more. He has way more experience and can do way more things to you than a bicurious guy afraid to experiment.

    Chances are your friend may come around some day, they always do, but the truth of the matter is the closer he is to you, the more afraid he would probably be to cross that line with you.

    I've known some guys in similiar situations who went as far as to offer up some money and the guy not only agreed, but continue doing it for free after he admitted he enjoyed it, but still why go through that much trouble?

    I strongly suggest you hope on a gay hook up site or something and find a guy to fool around. This seems like it will just be too much of hassel for you.
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    Oct 04, 2009 8:04 PM GMT
    The bttmline is this guy is your friend first. RESPECT his boundaries! This could potentially ruin your friendship. You need to weigh out what is more important to you, the sex or the longevity of your friendship. Just because your horny and lonely does not mean you need to turn to your buddy that you had a threesome w/. If his curiosity has not peeked enough intrest for him to feel comfortable, Let it be and let him make his own strides.

    PS. I'm not even gonna get into the fact you view him as a Stepbrother. Even more reason for you to let this one go!