Honesty.. a thing of the past?

  • bmw0

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    Oct 13, 2009 4:53 AM GMT
    As the days go by and i meet more people on here and in life, i seem to find that people take honesty with a grain of salt. From using things like photo shop to make themselves look totally different, to saying one thing and it being a complete false statement.

    Is this a growing trend? Why is it that people seem to think its ok?

    I value honesty in people. No lies, be honest. I don't use photo shop. I dont sugar coat who i am. I do admit to my past faults because it's those faults that made me who i am today. I may not be proud of every choice, but i did learn from them. Maybe im kidding myself to expect the same. Who knows. I just hope some day i find someone who is honest with me and themselves. Its a trait that has lost its value in my opinion.
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    Oct 13, 2009 5:28 AM GMT
    it's been my experience that honest is different for everyone however the honesty most people talk about is the honesty that aligns with there own ideals and believes.

    Honesty beyond that is not honesty but only fodder for them to judge you with.