What awesome thing happened to you today?

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    Oct 19, 2009 1:08 PM GMT
    Today, was an awesome day. You know why?

    I started at a new gym. Unlike my old gym, this one:

    * Has a Squat Rack
    * Has a Bench Rack
    * Has Cardio Logging for the machines
    * Has really nice, clean bathrooms
    * That's bathrooms
    * A Water fountain
    * Eyecandy

    That was the start of it. The place smelled good, the aircon was working, and although there were some people around, they weren't using what I wanted to use.

    My warmup was done quickly, I moved onto bench pressing and then decided to tackle my nemesis, the squat. And did it. Perfect form, three sets, challenging weight (For me, at least), something I've never managed to achieve before. Fuck. Yes.

    Oh, and through the entire thing? A 6' blond guy, about 26, with big chunky arms, big chunky legs and a really light beard was working out. He had bright blue eyes, a wee bit of a belly (I think muscle-guts can be cute, in a "Big dope" kinda way), a perky butt and a big chunky package. He passed by at one point and smelled like sex on fire in heaven. His shorts were, regrettably, too old and tight, so the elastic kept slipping and I kept seeing the top of his butt as he bent over and lifted and squatted.

    Right in front of me.

    So, I had an AWESOME day at my new gym. What made your day awesome?
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    Oct 19, 2009 1:30 PM GMT
    haha, enjoy those! they don't always go that way... though the eye candy is usually a constant.

    i've just got up an hour ago, yet to have breakfast.
    So far shower has been the highlight of my day.
    .. and who knows, it remain so. haha.
    It's a beautiful autumn day but i'm busy teaching and practicing like crazy since i got two recitals coming up next weekend , maybe i'll hit the gym late tonight (fortunately open 24/7 )
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    Oct 19, 2009 1:33 PM GMT
    Well, it was actually yesterday, but I completed a 216-mile bike ride around the San Francisco Bay. The Seismic Challenge is a fund raiser for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, named because the route crosses 4 active fault lines. I dedicated the ride to my brother, who died of the disease in 1996.

    I had ridden 100 miles in a day an 150 in a weekend, but never that length in 2 days. And I was in great shape the entire time; never felt like I wanted to give up. I even climbed a 1200 foot hill with ease. My pace was between 10.5 and 11 miles an hour including breaks.

    The adrenaline kicked in with 35 miles to go when the sun came out, and I just flew the rest of the way back to the Golden Gate Bridge. And when I arrived, I had a group of people waiting to celebrate my success.

    I've never performed this kind of endurance event before. Completing it made for an awesome day. (Photos will be added to my profile soon).