So Im curious about this... anyone see this and what are you thoughts? I am obviously hispanic but the thing is that I don't get or relate to a lot of these problems that these people are being faced with. I have some parts of my family that did immigrate to this country legally so I by no means support illegal immigration. I don't get why things have to be in english AND spanish... last I check the flag was Red, White, & Blue and not red, white, and green. Even in the toughtest times of my life growing up when one of my parents was out of work and the one time they really needed foodstamps and some aid, I remember the lady asking my mom if she was single (no), if she had been to college (yes), and finally them telling her she didn't qualify. They told her to get a divorce than she could get help. lol or more in my memory... trying to get scholarships for college. I wasn't the first in my family to go to college... (Dad has 2 B.A.s & 2 M.A.... mom has some college) I didn't qualify for pell grant... so much crap. I found myself relating better to many of my "white" friends that many of my "hispanic" friends would get pissed at me for being friends with white people. I could relate better to what my white friends were going through when it came to college, and just a whole host of things. I hate how they talk about the latino vote being one that focuses onsupport illegal immigration and all kind of related crap. Im just curious... does any other guy out there relate to what im feeling that is hispanic/latino? If this offended anyone... Im sorry I don't mean to. Im just kind of furstrated by this and actually Im curious about this.