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    Oct 24, 2009 4:51 PM GMT
    Not sure you guys are familiar with Radiolab at WNYC, but every week or so they come out with a great podcast on new interesting topics. The audio shows are edited with effects to make listening more engrossing and 3D-like.

    This one is on a New Normal, and you gotta listen to it all. Includes a town that embraced a transgender male and more. Very cool.

    Direct link to mp3 for download:
  • DuggerPDX

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    Oct 24, 2009 11:22 PM GMT
    I'm assuming the transgender male refers to Silverton Oregon and their transgender mayor Stu Rasumssen. I live a few miles away from Silverton, and his status really wasn't a big issue until groups outside of Silverton and Oregon picked up on it. Yes he did cause a ruckus by showing up to a city meeting in a pretty revealing outfit once, I don't think he will do that again. Silverton is a pretty conservative town.

    Silverton has been trying to remake itself for years after the decline of logging here in Oregon. They are trying to tap into the tourism market, small town, a few wineries, a few galleries, funky downtown, great scenery, good living, affordable housing, etc.. If anyone gets a chance to visit the Willamette Valley here in Oregon I highly recommend a stop at the Oregon Garden in Silverton.