i need ur opnion

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    Dec 17, 2007 5:46 PM GMT
    it just so diffcult to talk about it but realy i need som body who can help me
    i met a guy 2 months ago on manjam we start to chat and he was soo expert in gay stuff othere prof in relations soo i was soo attracted to him i already mak a list for what i want my partner be and it just fit him soo much he live in othere city soo we decide to hav meeting every 2 or 3 wk we met firest it was amazing we were soo into each othere sex was mind blowing typ i start to lik him we keep in phon calling and chatting and also we met we spent 3 night togethere if i wak in night i see him looking at me he said he love me he said we ll be togethere we decide to get out of iraq for marriage we mak plans i felt he love me cause i was sooo good wit him and i love him sooo much i still think we ll be togethere it if i said all the details he was sooo damn good actor i beleiv him sooo after few days he start to careless not calling i am emotional soo i prefered that he calls every day cauz sitution in iraq realy bad so i ll be anxious if he did nt call he stay lookin for gay friend and he start to say that no body perfect he might do somthing crazy he might find som 1 better so i start to worry and he did tell me that he broke up wit 3 guys before cauz he is committment phobic soo guess wt after 2 month of our if i can say relation he sent a msg in manjam asking for break up not becauz he do nt lov me or he cheats becauz he cant adjust being in relation i said ok but i also think that it deserv a trial i can nt giv up i am inlov wit him so i stay for 2 wk but realy i do nt know if he loved me or not i end it i said it over i can not take any more all i ask is caring and loyality is that soo much why som peopl lie ? why he made me soo damaged badly ? i prfer it was sex only i feel bad for being kind of fool should i wt u ll do? i think he ll come back wt shll i do then?
    i talk alot sorry for that
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    Dec 17, 2007 9:04 PM GMT
    I have a boy just like that- pretty face and fickle heart. I can't just move on from him so easily, but I have to. I shouldn't be tormenting myself over someone who is most likely going to break my heart because he can't decide on his. I think you and I need to just harden our hearts and say fuck it. We should just move on.
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    Dec 20, 2007 6:50 PM GMT
    met 2 months ago ... start making plans to leave the country & get married ....

    I think that is a big mistake right there.

    Back in the day (the dating days for me that is), I wouldn't even consider exclusivity until at least 3 months had passed, nevermind discussing marriage!

    I appreciate that meeting & dating for you are considerably more difficult, but it still might be a good idea to keep your emotions in check in the beginning & wait to see how things pan out.

    If he comes back then I think you should expect more of the same from him. He's already told you ...

    he did tell me that he broke up wit 3 guys before cauz he is committment phobic

    btw ... on my 1st reading of this I wondered if this guy was married.