The news on how poorly boys are doing in school at all levels is relentless. I'm posting a few links to the articles on it, but the phenomenon is so extensive and well documented, that all you have to do is google "boys" and "schools" and you'll come up with thousands of sources. Here's a few to start off with:

Earlier this year, I heard an expert on this subject being interviewed on NPR, and he said that it is around 3rd or 4th grade when boys start sabotaging themselves in school because they don't want to seem smart in order to fit in and conform to peer pressure from the other boys. This got me thinking that this is about the age when you start to notice people being called "fag" and "sissy" and "homo" and "nerd", etc., etc. America has always had something of an anti-intellectual streak, but it seems to me that the situation has reached a crisis level, and that there is a hidden (or not-so-hidden) homophobia underlying the education crisis with boys.

I know you see stuff in the news like this all the time, that American students' test performance has fallen yet again, that Asia is overtaking us in every category and will rule the world in 20 years, and so on, and you think, "Oh, well, America is in decline. There's nothing I can really do about it." But I wonder if we as gay men are in a position to do something about this, if indeed the root of the problem is homophobia.

Anyway, I just thought I would throw this out to see what others have thought about this topic.