"comfortable" has gotten an undesireable name as of late...

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    Nov 01, 2009 4:11 PM GMT
    to some "hip" people, "comfortable" is a term of slander; a bad thing, an undesireable thing, to have/to be.

    i beg to differ.

    "comfortable" can be most enjoyabe!, it can ve a very pleasant thing to have.

    my bf and I have gotten to the "comfortable" phase of our relationship. he is, quite simply, "comfortable" to be around. i can sleep next to him all night, with or without having sex, and sleep as soundly next to him as i do sleeping by myself. it's taken a year to get to this point. we get naked and fall into bed and cuddle up next to each other and fall asleep with our various body parts just barely touching....it's relaxing and comforting and gives a warm & fuzzy feeling of security and normalcy.

    when we are both in the mood to have wild & crazy sex, being "comfortable" with each other means we know how hard to bite a nipple, how long to french kiss, how slow to enter and wait for the other to get accustomed to having the other's penis in his rectum, what position to start off in, being able to wait for the other to almost climax before finishing us both off....

    being "comfortable" knows how strong to make the morning after coffee, how much splenda and milk to add, knowing not to make a lot of breakfast food because neither one of us are morning food types......

    i am finding being "comfortable" a darn good place to be!
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    Nov 01, 2009 8:37 PM GMT
    I think being comfortable w/yourself has alot to do w/you being comfortable w/someone else. There are some that I do feel comfortable being with. Men, women, gay and straight. Then there are just some that I do not ever think I can be comfortable with. Sometimes I have never been comfortable w/them and sometimes I have started out comfortable and something has happened to change that. Does that make any sense?