Looking for Quick and Easy Recipes that are Healthy and Economical

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    Nov 01, 2009 5:16 PM GMT
    I'm looking for recipes to simple easy healthy meals.I know I can go onto Google and try to find some but I thought I would try here first. I have noticed that I am beginning to gain some weight. I too often am in a rush and take the fast food route or I will buy a TV dinner and fool myself because it made by Healthy Choice that it is somehow healthy. I am not crazy about salads but like most vegetables. AM not crazy about beef or pork but love fish and chicken.I'd like simple easy recipes that do not cost a lot of money at the grocery store.I am hoping to start learning to cook more this winter. I have a beautiful kitchen that is so clean because I rarely use it.Anyone know of an easy quick and easy healthy recipes they would like to share
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    Nov 01, 2009 8:47 PM GMT
    I don't know any recipes off the top of my head (you should check out Food Network for general recipes).

    If the lack of time is a problem, you could try making your larger meals in advance, split them into portion sizes, freeze them, and then reheat them (in effect, making your own "TV dinners"). You'll have control over the ingredients and sizes, and probably save some money.
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    Nov 01, 2009 9:00 PM GMT
    I normally find Tilapia here (on sale) in NY for 2.99 per pound which is pretty cheap for fish. Its even more economic if you buy it frozen.I tried this recipe recently with garlic mashed potatoes (the potatoes take a long time to cook, but I normally do this with instant rice or brown rice) and spinach (frozen and microwaved).


    It was awesome. If you hate that fishy smell, wash the fish first with lemon juice, that will eliminate the smelliness somewhat.


    This was a fairly cheap and very easy recipe. The most expensive thing was the capers which cost me $2.99 for a small container considering I got the fish for the same price. The Worchestershire sauce is a very versatile and can be reused in recipes from Quiche to chicken cutlet and beef. Just google worchesteshire and you will see other uses for it. The sauce is done in 5-6minutes, the fish in another 5-10, if you boil rice and microwave spinach it will be done when you are done with the fish. It took all of 20-25 minutes to prepare from start to finish.

    Hope this helps!
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    Nov 01, 2009 11:25 PM GMT
    Hey,thanks for the tip on freezing my meals. I also appreciate the recipes.Thanks again!!!icon_biggrin.gif