Ever Have an Elaborate Dream Come True?

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    Nov 02, 2009 1:18 PM GMT
    I say "elaborate" to distinguish from a single event that could be mere coincidence, like dreaming a package will be delivered to your front door, and it is.

    Example: I woke up from a dream so exceptionally vivid that I felt compelled to email several friends about it, something I never do. By chance several days later I ran across one of them downtown, and we decided on the spur of the moment to have lunch, choosing out of curiosity a new restaurant that had just opened 2 days earlier.

    After we were seated and ordered, on a unique 2nd-floor outdoor balcony overlooking the street, we heard a loud motorcycle pass by below. Naturally I peered over the stone balustrade to look down, and suddenly gasped at my friend "It's my dream!" The very end of it, to be precise, the point where I had woken up, at the moment when I had seen that same noisy motorcycle being ridden while I looked down on it from an outdoor balcony.

    A balcony that had outdoor dining tables on high pedestals, with unusual open-slatted wooden tops, designed for outdoor use almost like picnic tables, and tall chairs as found in a cocktail lounge, exactly like the one we were at. And ours was the first one in a single row of tables along the stone wall, seated there by the host, not ourselves, just like in my dream.

    To my right was an archway with open French doors, through which we could see people at the bar inside, again a scene right from the dream, and described in my email. Ours was the only table that had that exact view, and like in the dream the arch was to my right, not my left if I had been seated where my friend was opposite me. Even the style of the doors was the same, and propped open.

    And our walk through the building, an old structure modernized as an indoor mini shopping mall with rather eccentric specialty stores, matched exactly my dream. So much so that I was now surprised I hadn't noticed the similarity sooner.

    My friend agreed it was indeed my dream I'd emailed him, perfectly matching our sequence of actions for about 15 minutes, and also the physical appearance and layout of things in so many unique ways that defied coincidence. Only difference was that my companion in my dream had no identity, unknown to me, rather than being my good friend, or perhaps we both might have caught on sooner.

    But despite this amazing experience, nothing came out of it. There seemed to be no lasting significance to it, other than to shock me. I have no idea why I had that elaborate dream vision, and I never had one again, though for about 6 months I did have other dreams that came true, in less elaborate ways that could be dismissed as chance. And then they stopped, never to resume, now some 14 years later.

    And you?
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    Nov 02, 2009 2:59 PM GMT

    Hey, that's cool! Dreams are always the inverse of reality for me. Interestingly, in that respect they can appear accurate in telling me what's NOT going to happen. lol

    I dream about winning the lottery. icon_lol.gif
    However, if I dream about Bill and I having a fight, thenext day turns out to pretty special.
    I dreamt we wouldn't find a house to buy - the next day we were out and found the one we're in now.

    Why is that? Who knows....

    I love a mystery - makes my world rock!

    -Doug of meninlove
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    Nov 02, 2009 3:26 PM GMT
    I've had a lot of dreams like this. The best thing to do with vivid dreams is to write down as many of the details as possible upon waking. This way, you kind of get an idea of whether or not something is repeating itself.

    When we have incredibly vivid dreams, our mind sometimes logs these down as experiences we've actually had. If we share a similar experience in life, our mind will fill in the gaps from the dream and make us feel as though we've had a simlar experience before. When we realize that the incredibly similar experience is from a dream, we believe we have dreamt about the occurence before it happened.

    If you write it on an online blog or even on your personal computer, you can search for key words. You might find out that the motorcycle was originally a sedan in your dream and that the location only vaguely resembled your dream. You might find out that you were spot on. It makes for fun.
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    Nov 02, 2009 3:41 PM GMT
    I dreamed that I bumped into a handsome, hot, blond dutch guy and that we fell in love and lived happily ever after in a nice house by the sea with a holiday home in Barcelona.

    Just waiting....
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    Nov 02, 2009 3:42 PM GMT
    Ha this always happens to me. Nothing new.