Puerto Vallarta is a combination of Gays Gone Wild and Latino Beach Party.

And when you need it, it's just a tranquil spot for forgetting the world and tuning into the hummingbirds playing all around you.

I've had a place in the Zona Romantica, above the gay beach, for the past 8 years. We get down every few months and find a little more to enjoy each time.

We go to exactly one(of the 50 or so) gay bars---the trashiest, spend a couple of hours enjoying the absurd and surreal conversations you'll only get in the company of gay expats from around the world.

Otherwise it's hiking and enjoying the hills, going to the jungle, a beach out of town.......or our favourite vegetarian restaurant, Planeta Vegetariano.

How about you guys? What have you found that you enjoy about Puerto Vallarta?