6 Weeks to Build - Help Me Out please

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    Nov 09, 2009 5:43 AM GMT
    Hey guys..

    I have 6 weeks to put on some serious muscle, but my prob is that I loose waaay too easily...

    I'll be traveling for two months, so want to put on some pounds before I head out and the gym becomes a word that I used to know...(i wont be staying in places that have equipment) I realize I can do my own exercises using body weight, but they will only do so much.

    So I'm asking. . .how can I gain quickly? More workouts? More food? Any and all suggestions welcome. I have outlined my current schedule and meals.

    Monday - Legs
    Tuesday - Chest/back
    Wednesday - bi's/tris
    Thursday - shoulders
    Friday - rest
    saturday - All...nothing too intense
    sunday - rest

    Meals for each day
    1. Protein shake (1 scoop), piece of toast, OJ, water- before workout
    2. High fiber and carb cereal; Protein shake (2 scoops); banana; water, OJ (post workout)
    3. banana, some other fruit, 12 almonds, yougurt
    4. Rice, some sort of green, protein shake ( 1 scoop); fruit, water, chicken/beef (lunch)
    5. banana, yogurt, protein shake (1 scoop); 12 almonds, oj
    6. pasta, protein shake (2 scoops), fruit, chicken/turkey/beef; some sort of green
    7. cottage cheese; OJ; 12 almonds (before bed)
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    Nov 09, 2009 6:44 AM GMT
    Im just coming back from a super long trip and lost A LOT of weight....I just bought a special weight-gaining protein today...maybe you can try that?Its really expensive but Ill guess I will see if it works in 6 weeks. The name is Iso Mass Weight gainer platinium series.
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    Nov 09, 2009 4:25 PM GMT
    Drastic short-term fitness goals followed by drastic planned discontinuity only set you up for failure. Aim for fitness and nutrition goals that can adapt to changing situations such as travel and unavailability of equipment.